1. Where only a deposit has been paid, the full balance of the order value must be paid at least two months before the above quoted Wedding Date; or on the Fitting Date, whichever is the earlier. MONIES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE TO OTHER ORDERS. ONCE GOODS ARE ORDERED YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS IF YOU SIMPLY CHANGE YOUR MIND (Sale of Goods Act 1979).
  2. Goods ordered that are not available from stock normally take up to 18 weeks for delivery unless a specific time limit is stated in writing on this order. Gowns requiring extra length or special measures are subject to a surcharge, carried forward to the customer from the manufacturer, which is not always known until the gown arrives in stock. Then it will be added to the cost of the goods above.
  3. On ordering, a minimum deposit 50% is required on all goods (unless you choose to pay via our payment plan). No alterations can be carried out until the garments and alteration costs are paid for in full. Alteration costs are available on request. Approximate alteration time is eight weeks. Gowns of our own manufacture are made to complete measurements whilst bought-in gowns are purchased on size only, based on the largest of bust, waist or hip measurements and agreed with the clients.
  4. If you would like to take advantage of our payment plan we will agree with yourself a monthly amount to be spread over a maximum of 6 months. You must make payments on or before the agreed date unless other wise agreed with a member of management at “Happily Ever After – Darlington”. If you fail to keep up repayments we may write to you to ask for the balance of the dress to be paid in full. Failure to pay may result in you forfeiting monies paid and we reserve the right to sell on your dress to recoup the outstanding balance.
  5. Exact colours and shades on fabrics and designs on trim, including lace, cannot always be guaranteed. Accessories purchased elsewhere can only be used during fitting of gowns etc. at your own risk. Due to the Copyright Laws, photography is not allowed within the store.
  6. During fittings, shoes and underwear must be the ones intended for the wedding day. Your seamstress will recommend the amount of alterations to gowns, but if the client insists on a fit tighter than recommended, we will not be responsible. Equally, we accept no responsibility for gowns not fitting when collected due to clients increase or decrease in weight or any other reason beyond our control.
  7. Happily Ever After do not directly employ a seamstress, however we do work closely with seamstresses who use the premises as a base. All alterations are separate to the dress price and will be quoted on an individual basis. Any claims or complaints regarding fittings should be directed towards your seamstress and not Happily Ever After as they are separate business’s. We are happy for you to use your own seamstress if you would prefer.
  8. In the event of a wedding being cancelled for any reason whatsoever, the balance becomes payable immediately and all goods must be collected.
  9. 10 working days are required to allow cheques to clear before any items will be released to the buyer except where any balance paid by cheque is guaranteed by a valid banker’s cheque card. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO CHARGES MADE FOR ALTERATIONS.
  10. Gowns will be kept in storage within our store for a maximum of 12 months unless otherwise agreed.
  11. Where goods are hired, a security deposit is required upon collection of the goods and will be refunded only if the goods are returned in a satisfactory condition by the return date.
  12. The price paid by the customers for hiring garments reflects the fact that they are worn and cleaned on a regular basis and cannot be considered as brand new.
  13. Fittings for hired articles cannot be arranged earlier than two weeks before the occasion date.
  14. Nothing in the above shall affect your statutory rights.
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