Mary's & Lo' Adoro Bridal


Mary's & Lo' Adoro Bridal

Mary’s makes a mark in the industry with its exceptional customer service, price and styling. Mary’s Bridal is among the top bridal manufacturers in the United States. It has won the Diva Award for distinguished excellence in the Bridal Industry, the Debi Award for Best Quinceanera Design, the Desert Rose Award for best bridal dress, customer service and best catalog, and the Dallas Fashion award. It has been featured by Good Morning America and television specials covering wedding planning, as well as in numerous magazines covers highlighting our impeccable style combinced with outstanding quality.

Expect to pay Between £800 - £1400

Just like our exquisite array of breathtaking gowns, meticulously designed from beginning to end, as meaningful as the moment that turns two into one. Using delicate detailing combined with sophistication and poise, Lo’Adoro gowns create the fairytale ending every woman desires. You are a discerning bride, radiating femininity & beauty. Grace the room in Lo’Adoro adorned with inspiring decadence, sinuous lace and intricate beading.

With Lo’ Adoro wedding dresses, the premier bridal dress collection from Rachel Allan, you will find the dress of your dreams. This collection meets the high standards of any bride seeking designer wedding dresses. A dress for each woman as she becomes a bride; every detail as unique as each style, each story… dreamy lace wedding dresses, modern mermaid wedding dresses, sizing through 30 for plus size wedding dresses, elegant and simple wedding dresses and luxurious long sleeve wedding dresses.

Expext to pay £1000 - £1800

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