Q: How far in advance before my wedding do I need to find my dress?
A: We recommend that you start looking as soon as possible as it can take 18 weeks or more for gowns to come, with most suppliers, from placing your order. If you do require alterations to your dress you will also need to allow additional time for this. We advise you to have a good look around before you come to see us. This will help you make a decision more easily if you do see something you love in our store as we specialise in ex sample off the peg gowns,. These dresses are available to take away immediately and not available to order. Most of these dresses dont hang around for long and once they are gone, they are gone! They are ideal if you need your dress in a hurry and we have a large selection of gowns ranging in sizes.
We do stock a range of gowns to order which are more of an informal style. Ideal if you dont want anything too fussy or elaborate, these are perfect for civil ceremonys and weddings abroad.

Q: What sizes of dresses do you stock?
A: We stock dresses with sizes ranging from 8  to 32. Most dress can usually be altered by a seamstress, Increasing (dependant on seam allowance) or reducing the size by one dress size. This means that more than just your size will be available in store to try on and buy. For example if you are a size 10 you can also try size 12. Sizes vary from gown to gown dependant on styles and designers. Wedding gowns generally are on the small side so you may find that your usual dress size is an extremely snug fit in the world of wedding gowns. Not what you need to hear when preparing for your big day but rest assured it is not you.

Q: How do I prepare for the appointment?
A: We would recommend that you dont wear make up for your appointment. This will avoid marking the dresses and will ensure you get an outfit in pristine condition should you decide on one. It also helps to see the colouring of the dress against your natural skin tone: its amazing how the right colour of dress against your natural colour can make a difference to your overall final look. You should come with an open mind! Every dress looks different when it is tried on. Unless you already know what style suits you, be prepared to try different styles, this way you will know when you try on the perfect dress. Eliminating styles is just as important as finding the styles you like in the search for your perfect dress.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Not always. However, as Saturdays are usually busy the dressing room may not be available without booking an appointment.

Q: What if the dress requires some alterations?
A: We have Bridal seamstresses whom we work with. We can arrange an appointment for a fitting and she can make any necessary alterations. Alternatively, if you prefer you are welcome to use any seamstress you may already know.

Q: Who should I bring with me to the appointment?
A: Someone whose opinion you really trust and who will be honest! We dont recommend a large crowd as sometimes a range of opinions can be overwhelming for a bride to be. Also bring your camera! Unlike most bridal shops, were happy for brides to bring their camera so that they can keep a reminder of the dresses they see to help make that all important decision.

Q: What underwear should I wear?
A: It is best to wear a plain seamless, nude coloured strapless bra on the day of the appointment because this wont interfere with the shape or colouring of any of the dresses.

Q: What is the price range of the dresses?
A: There are some dresses available from £115.00 but most of the dresses are between £499-£1000. We do stock dresses with recommended retail prices up to £1500, which are usually be marked down over 50%. All our ex sample gowns are heavily discounted and our range available to order is also much less than the recommended retail prices, to ensure you receive the best possible price for any dress.

Q: Do you sell bridesmaid dresses and accessories?
A: Yes, we stock a good selection of bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and shoes. All of which are available to order in various sizes and colours. To order any of these items we do require a 50 percent non refundable deposit. We also have a selection of veils, tiaras and jewellery, bridal purses and dolly bags, and stocking and garters.

Q: If I choose a dress in your store, what next?
A: We are unable to reserve any dress without a deposit. We take 50% deposit for the dress and you have up to 2 months before the wedding to pay the remainder or before fittings whichever is earlier. We also provide a payment plan where you pay a small deposit and make easily manageable monthly payments over a maximum of 6 months. Dresses are not available to collect, or have alterations made until full payment has been made. Once your dress has been paid for in full we will steam your dress for you and remove any visible creases, ensuring it is in pristine condition, ready for you collect your gown.

Q: What are your payment methods?
A: We accept bank transfer, cheque, cash, credit and debit cards

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